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S. Petersburg, "Stop Lying!"

Press Conference, 27/11/14

The newly appointed Government of Saint Petersburg is faced  by ever growing social problems in the city - a group of citizens, the group known as the Ilyushina 15/2 house tenants, is trying to bring this idea home at a press conference held for the local mass media.

Stop Lying!

The Ilyushina house tenants called on the city mass media to attend their press conference for two purposes: to tell about their plight and once again express publicly their demands. The right to housing should not be demanded; it should be enjoined and exercised by everyone. It is enforced and guaranteed to us by the Russian Constitution and President.

The people want to stop the surge of lies initiated by some top officials of Saint Petersburg, members of Government, chiefs of City Government Committees, their deputies and other officials: instead of enforcing the Law, instead of providing the people with housing due to them, those officials have waged a real information war against the victims of housing fraud. Those officials are cynically trying to ram home the idea about some excessive demands of the Ilyushina 15/2 house tenants, that the tenants are ungrateful to the authorities for their ‘’generosity’’, that the city government functionaries are allegedly sympathizing with the tenants.

THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! Everything is not the way the city authorities are trying to insist on.

These Russian citizens are being imposed with the so called SOCIAL HOUSING, which is the special housing stock for temporary accommodation, instead of providing them with decent housing based on SOCIAL RENT.

And the ‘’perpetuity’’ of accommodation in such ‘’social housing’’ means just one thing – such accommodation can be terminated on a clear day at some officials’ discretion; this can happen any time, in a five year’s time, in a year’s time, in a month’s time!

What is more, these Russian citizens are unable to make their housing their own legally, that is, they are not eligible to register their relatives in housing of this type, exchange this type of temporary housing and sell thereof.

The officials, when televised and interviewed, are telling about the obstinate reluctance of the Ilyushina 15/2 house tenants to abandon their old, well lived-in house in Ilyushina, 15/2! This is a lie! We are ready to do it now!

But not to the street! We have the right to our own new, housing deserved by us!

Let the people live decent lives, let them have their own housing!

Stop Lying!


Contact phones: «Ilyushina house tenants»

Kozhina Marina - +7 911 976 49 88

Baranova Olga  - +7 911 005 04 17

«Support» Vedernikova Tamara - +7 911 921 73 27

Dudnikova A – 938 97 00

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