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Moscow, joint protest action of social workers, housing rights and left wing activists

On Friday, 26. 12. 2014, Moscow saw another protest action staged by local ‘’social workers’’ – doctors and teachers employed by state agencies and establishments – and a number of social and left wing activists.

The protest participants demanded meeting with Mr. Sobianin, Moscow City Mayor. The people protested further redundancies and demanded housing due to them according to the promises given by the city authorities.

About 20 people, Moscow based doctors and teachers, with a group of left wing activists involved, blocked Tverskaya street, one of the main thoroughfares in Moscow. A similar action was held a few days earlier, but then no arrests were made. On Friday, some ten people were arrested, with one of them having been traumatized. An ambulance was seen on the spot.

According to witnesses, Ivan Morozov, a United Communist Party activist, was hit on his head and injured.

The other activists who suffered minor injuries are Vitaly Paltsev (also hospitalized) and Anastasia Zinovkina (now in police custody).

Both belong to the Left Front Coalition.
The action attracted passersby’s attention, with many of them standing nearby and making videos.

A few people who were walking by are reported to have joined in with the protest and helped unfurl the banner across the street.

No negative shouts or aggression on behalf of the passing car owners are reported. Many were heard saying to the protest participants: well done!

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