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Protest March in Moscow against renovation program

Moscow has seen a march of inhabitants living in some city South West districts, who protested the new programs of housing renovation imposed by the city government. The focus of the protest was an upcoming demolition of five storey residential houses built mainly in the 1960ies and due to be pulled down by the city authorities.

The march against the planned demolition of houses started at 14:00 on Vavilova street, and at 15:00 a meeting was held on a prepared stage, according to the local mass media.
The organizers of the event handed out to those present a declaration, which set forth demands to the city authorities, the main being not passing a city law on housing renovation. The protesters are reported to be chanting slogans and holding posters and placards.
Sergey Davidis, one of the protest organizers and Solidarity opposition movement activist, reported in his Twitter that the police officers had removed from the protesters banners which referred to Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobianin.

He also said that the police left only one placard, with a demand that the City Mayor be ousted.

About five thousand Muscovites, who are against the renovation program, are said to have been involved in the protest action.

Some activists have taken their families with them to the action.

They are worried that after possible evacuation from their houses they would have their living standards more inferior and that they would see no medical clinics, kindergartens and schools in the new areas they are to be moved.

This action of protest is the second in a row after the first similar one thousand people strong protest was held by inhabitants earlier.

The renovation program is likely to impact about 1 million and 600 thousand Muscovites and is part of gentrification city projects.


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