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Calling for the mobilization of activists for the right to housing, to land and to the city across the world

Neoliberal globalization has produced a global crisis for civilization - its immediate effects are unemployment, environmental devastation, violence, wars, hunger, drug trafficking, disease, migration, discrimination and the evictions of millions of inhabitants from their homes and lands. Furthermore this crisis dispossesses peoples and communities of their common, historical, and natural resources, converting them into commodities.

Globalization has changed everything: the decline of state sovereignty and the authority of the United Nations, the disappearance of any ability to challenge the rules of the marketplace, the destruction of cultural autonomy and the threat to the stability of all our identities.

However people, communities, and social organizations across the world are resisting, creating responsible organisations to weave hope from the regions. To reverse the negative situation that exists in our countries, we decided to start up the People’s Alternative Urban Social Forum in the city of Medellin, Colombia and we call together, during the entire month of October 2014, the World Zero Evictions Days.

The World Zero Eviction Days require that we deploy the combative creativity that derives in large joint mobilizations to highlight our demands and needs to the governments and the United Nations so that they respect and support our rights to housing, to the land and to the city, based on life in a sane and peaceful environment, to equality, to equity, to democracy.

And that no one touches our activists!

We have called to construct joint Coordination Committees for the struggle Days of October to move ourselves in a united way and in solidarity with Africa, Asia, Latin and North America and Europe.

Creativity can be expressed in multiple ways and variations of regional or national forums, carnivals, recitals, rallies, marches, protests, occupations, press conferences, meetings, exchanges of experience.

Building alongside the success of World Days is the best way to strengthen local battles and their impact on land and housing politics, thanks to global solidarity. Our great creative magma is capable of leading the societal path of good living, in harmony with nature.

Because the inhabitants of the world have passion and talent for constructing another world, we call on them to participate in the World Zero Eviction Days.

At the same time we will organize the route of the Urban and Community Way, a common space from organizations of those inhabitants heading towards the World Assembly of Inhabitants and the alternative to the UN Summit Habitat III in 2016.

“The people, united, will never be defeated”

“Everyone united will overcome, if not, we’re screwed”

Le Traducteur Volontaire pour le droit au logement sans frontières de l'IAI qui a collaboré à la traduction de ce texte est :

Lucy Christmas


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