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Zero Evictions Day in Hyderabad

Montfort Social Institute organized on October 4th a seminar for 50 women community leaders on the right to the city and zero evictions. They took out a rally at the end of the session!

We have planned a series of workshops for community leaders that include the Federation of the People who live in slums and leaders of the two trade unions we have for domestic workers. The sessions include zero evictions.  Each of the workshops will be followed by a public demonstration to manifest the issues regarding evictions to the larger public. They are also documenting possible evictions in Vijayawada in the context of the new capital of AP - Amaravati

Then, we shall have a meeting of opinion makers in Vijayawada where the results of the findings will be presented, seeking the way forward.
We have also scheduled a meeting of 28 Trade Unions from all over India working with domestic workers on 10 Oct in Mumbai. Besides the issues of domestic workers specifically, they shall be discussing the zero eviction agenda.


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