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European Union: The first report on homelessness and evictions

"Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions": full report - final version Home is associated with safety, belonging, esteem and personal and child development. Housing and home are intertwined with health, poverty or wealth and opportunity in general. Eviction involves the involuntary removal of people from their homes, with many negative personal and social consequences, particularly for children.In EU Member States where evictions are widely concentrated among people with complex support needs (mostly in Northern European Member States), research shows that about one quarter of those evicted can become homeless.

America Has an Affordable Housing Crisis

National Low Income Housing Coalition - nlihc.org There is not a single state in the U.S. where a minimum wage employee working full-time can reasonably afford a one-bedroom apartment at the fair market rent. While 29 states, plus the District of Columbia, have taken steps to raise the minimum wage  above the federal rate of $7.25 per hour, affordable housing remains out of reach for the country's low-income workers.

UK, The desperate councils buying back homes they were forced to sell

At least 80,000 council homes in England could disappear by 2020 due to the right-to-buy scheme. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA With housing waiting lists higher than ever, eviction rates rocketing and stock dwindling through right to buy and the impending compulsory sale of high value housing, some councils have resorted to desperate measures.

Turkménistan: 50.000 expulsés pour les Jeux Asiatiques des sports en salle et des arts martiaux 2017

Images satellite montrant les destructions dans le quartier de Tchoganly entre 2014 et 2015. Sur l’image de mars 2014 (à gauche), on dénombre 10 052 structures, tandis qu’il n’en reste que 5 604 sur l’image d’avril 2015 (à droite). En l’espace de 13 mois, il semblerait que 4 898 structures aient été démolies, soit près de 475 000 mètres carrés d’habitations et autres structures résidentielles. © DigitalGlobe Quelque 50 000 personnes, peut-être plus, ont été expulsées de force de leur domicile dans le cadre d’une initiative visant à « valoriser » la capitale du Turkménistan en prévision des Jeux asiatiques des sports en salle et des arts martiaux de 2017, révèle Amnesty International mercredi 28 octobre en rendant publiques des images satellite donnant à voir l’étendue de la destruction.

Rent to tent and back again

An urban neighborhood in Tripoli, north Lebanon, is home to both Syrian refugees and locals - Amelia Rule/CARE International LONDON/ERBIL, 12 October 2015 (IRIN) - Readying a fundraiser for an Aleppo hospital, a London boutique owner expressed her concern about the Syrian refugees who’ve fled to neighbouring countries: “They’re living in camps over there, aren’t they?”

Displaced Ukrainians face housing crisis

Many eastern Ukrainians displaced by the war have no home to return to. This building in Lisichansk was damaged by shelling in July 2014 - Photo: Brendan Hoffman/Mercy Corps Authorities in western Ukraine are struggling to provide adequate shelter to the growing number of people fleeing fighting between Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian army in the east of the country. An estimated 1.3 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced since the conflict began and many have sought refuge in cities in the west.

Forced evictions in Mogadishu 1 Jan – 28 Feb 2015

Forced evictions in Mogadishu 1 Jan – 28 Feb 2015 IDPs in Mogadishu --other and Urban Areas in South Central Somalia conBnue To Be Exposed to a myriad of protecBon Risks Including forced evicBons. Reports indicate indication That over 25,700 IDPs-have-been forcefully Evicted from public and private land and buildings in January and February 2015. This is a significant Increase Compared to the Same period in 2014. From January to December 2014, more than 32,500 Individuals (> 90% of Them IDPs) Were Forcibly Evicted from public and private land and buildings in Mogadishu.

Buenos Aires, Estreno del Documental “Barrio Padre Mugica”

Este miércoles 3 de diciembre de 2014 a las 18.30 horas se llevará adelante el estreno del Documental “Barrio Padre Mugica”. Dirigida por Nicolás Borenstein y Facundo Di Filippo, este material platea una mirada plural de la historia, presente y su futuro de un barrio que lucha por integrarse a la ciudad.

Several protest participants arrested near City Mayor’s office in Moscow

The Moscow police have arrested several participants of a meeting staged near Moscow Mayor’s office.According to the ‘’OVD –Info’’ web site, seven people have been arrested including a Yoda news agency reporter, who was released later.The meeting has involved about forty people, mainly teachers and medical staff, who were left without the housing promised to them.

Argentina, Presentación del Proyecto de Ley: ni casas sin gente, ni gente sin casas

La situación habitacional crítica que atraviesa la Ciuda de Buernos Aires, y la chocante irracionalidad e injusticia  que surge de la coexistencia de unos 340.000 inmuebles ociosos junto a unas 150.000 familias con necesidades habitacionales insatisfechas (NHI), motivaron la elaboración de este proyecto, que merita una discusión integral y a fondo sobre esta problemática, y creemos que entre todos podemos llegar a una discusión más rica y provechosa sobre las posibles soluciones.