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Haiti: social organizations and networks demand debt cancellation and halt to militarization

Haiti: Organizaciones sociales exigen la anulación de la deuda y el rechazo a la militarización, HAITI, enero 2010

Haiti, Retiro de la tropa, anulacion de la deuda, Ya

Today in Montréal, leaders of 20 countries and international organizations are meeting with the aim of fixing priorities for the reconstruction process in Haiti. In the face of this meeting a large number of global, regional, and national organizations and networks have presented the Letter attached below, expressing their rejection of the militarization of the country as a false response to the recent disaster and their demand for the immediate and unconditional cancellation of the external debt still being claimed of Haiti .

The Letter further expresses their demands that the resources for aid and reconstruction do not generate new indebtedness, nor be conditioned or serve to condition the reconstruction of Haiti, as is the practice of the international financial institucions such as the World Bank, the IDB, the IMF, and the co-called "donor" countries. The letter also rejects the advantage taken by private multinational corporations to carry out multimillion dollar deals for the reconstruction of the country, as has happened in Irak, exploiting cheap labor and further plundering the countrys natural resources.

In conclusion, the organizations and networks alert that they will continue to follow developments in Haiti, together with organizations there, in order to ensure that international cooperation takes place on the basis of solidarity and respect for the sovereignty and rights of the Haitian people, without repetition of the mistaken policies of the past.

Under the presidency of the Canadian Minister for Foreign Trade, Lawrence Cannon, the meeting in Montréal today includes participation of leaders of the UN based "Group of Friends of Haiti" - the US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, France, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Uruguay, Japan, Spain and the Dominican Republic. UN organisms, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other organizations will also be present.

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