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USA, Support the National Moratorium on Economically-Motivated Evictions!

Dear Friends and Allies,

I am writing to you today to request your support of our sign-on letter addressed to Congress and HUD calling for a national moratorium on economically-motivated evictions.  In this time of escalating displacement by foreclosures and evictions, the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights is demanding that our elected representatives make good on their many promises to provide our communities with much-needed relief from this instability.

We define “economically motivated evictions” as policy-driven evictions in both the public and private markets, which are based on a renter or homeowner’s inability to pay mortgage or rent payments because of unemployment, underemployment or debt-to-income ratio due to irresponsible lending practices.

In the last few months, we’ve seen several heartening local moratorium victories from across the country - in Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL, and Massachusetts - that are helping set the stage for a national moratorium.  Most recently, on January 7th 2011, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled against Wells Fargo for wrongful foreclosure, allowing homeowners to return to the homes.  While we hope that this landmark case sets the precedent for future proceedings, without a national moratorium in place, homeowners and renters continue to be vulnerable to similar cases of wrongful foreclosure. 

In public and subsidized housing, residents are at constant risk of eviction based on “chronic rent delinquency” at a time when unemployment for low-income folks is at a staggering 30 percent - equal to that of the Great Depression.  Like homeowners, these families and individuals are in serious need of relief and stability.  Yet, it is the very banks that have been found wrongfully foreclosing on families in violation of basic property law which have received bailouts from the U.S. government!

Congress’ efforts so far have fallen short and voluntary moratoriums are not enough.  Please JOIN US in demanding that our representatives protect the human right for housing by endorsing the attached letter. 

Endorsements should be sent by email to brittany@nesri.org by Wednesday, January 26th.

We look forward to having you as co-supporters on this crucial issue.

Best Regards,



Brittany Scott, Campaign Coordinator

Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights

National Economic & Social Rights Initiative

90 John St., Suite 308 + New York, NY 10038

Tel: 212.253.1710 x318 + Fax: 212.385.6124



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