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An Urban Tent at the 2006 European Social Forum

Athens, May 4-7 2006

With only a few months remaining before the ESF, various proposals have been put forth for seminars, working groups and conferences on the housing and urban issue by organizations and individuals in various countries, at times drawn from diverse backgrounds: tenants’ associations, housing cooperatives, lobby groups, urban planners, volunteer organizations, NGO’s, local authorities.

  • A seminar to launch the Zero Eviction Campaign to establish a warning system and a continental mobilization drive on violations of housing rights (evictions, privatizations, racial discrimination, 2012 London Olympics, etc.)
  • A seminar to introduce the Urban Popular University for training of leaders of movements and inhabitants’ associations as well as “grassroots” scientific research on housing and urban issues
  • World Urban Forum (Vancouver, June 2006)
  • Mobilisation on the occasion of the meeting of European Ministers of Housing (March against housing precariousness, European General States for the right to housing) (Spain 2006?)
  • World Assembly of Inhabitants (2007?)
  • Promotion of the Peoples’ Europe (amendment of the European Union constitution, viability of social rights, allocation of structural funds to social policies like housing)
  • Opposition to selling off communal property and public services (Bolkestein Directive/GATT-WTO)