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Letter from Santa Cruz

Social organizations gathered at the Second World Meeting of People's Movements, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on days 7, 8 and July 9, 2015, we agreed with the Pope Francisco in which social and environmental issues emerge as two sides of the same coin. A system that can not provide land, housing and work for all, that undermines peace between people and threatens the very survival of Mother Earth, can not continue to control the destiny of the planet.

We must overcome social, political, economic and cultural model where the money market and have become the regulator axis of human relations at all levels.

Our shout, the one of the most neglected and marginalized, forces powerful people to understand that things can not continue in this way. The world's poor have risen up against social exclusion daily suffered. We do not want to exploit or be exploited. We do not want to exclude or be excluded. We want to build a way of life in which the dignity to rise above all things. Therefore, we will:

1. Promote and deepen the process of change

We reaffirm our commitment to the processes of change and liberation as a result of the action of organized peoples, from their collective memory take history into their hands and decided to transform it, to give life to the hopes and utopias that call us revolutionize the deeper structures of oppression, domination, colonization and exploitation.

2. Live well in harmony with Mother Earth

We will continue fighting to defend and protect Mother Earth, promoting "integral ecology" of which the Pope speaks Francisco. We are faithful to the ancient philosophy of "Living Well" new order of life that proposes harmony and balance in the relationship between humans and between humans and nature. The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the land. We must take care and dress it for the benefit of all. We want environmental laws in all countries in terms of caring for the common good. We demand the historical reparation and a legal framework that protects the rights of indigenous peoples at the national and international level, promoting sincere dialogue to overcome the diverse and multiple conflicts that cross the indigenous, native, peasant and Afrodescendants.

3. Defende decent work

We commit ourselves to fight for the defense of labor as a human right. By creating decent jobs for the design and implementation of policies to reinstate all workers' rights eliminated by the neoliberal capitalism such as social security systems, retirement and the right to unionize.

We reject the precarity and outsourcing work and seek to overcome informality work through inclusion, without persecution or repression. We also support the cause of migrants, displaced persons and refugees. We urge the governments of rich countries to repeal all of the rules that promote discrimination against them and establish forms of regulation to eliminate slave labor, trafficking, human trafficking and child exploitation countries.

We will promote alternative forms of economy, both urban and rural areas. We want a popular community and social economy that protects the lives of communities and solidarity prevail over profit. This requires that governments strengthen efforts to emerge from the grassroots.

4. Improve our neighborhoods and build decent housing

We denounce speculation and commercialization of land and urban property. We reject forced evictions, the rural exodus and the growth of slums. We reject any kind of prosecution against those who fight for a house for his family, because we understand housing as a basic human right, which must be universal. We demand participatory public policies that guarantee the right to housing, the integration of urban slums and comprehensive access to housing to build homes in safety and dignity.

5. Defend the Earth and food sovereignty

We promote comprehensive agrarian reform to distribute land fairly and equitably. We call the attention of the people on the emergence of new forms of accumulation and land speculation and land as a commodity, linked to agribusiness, which promotes monoculture destroying biodiversity, consuming and polluting the water, displacing rural populations and using agro-toxics that contaminate food. We reaffirm our struggle for the definitive elimination of hunger, the defense of food sovereignty and production of healthy food. Also emphatically we reject private ownership of seeds by large agribusiness groups and the introduction of GM products in place of the natives, because they destroy the reproduction of life and biodiversity, create food dependency and cause irreversible effects on human health and the environment. Likewise, we reaffirm the defense of traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples on sustainable agriculture.

6. Build peace and the culture of the meeting

We promise from the peaceful vocation of our peoples to strengthen collective action to ensure peace among all people, nations, religions, ethnicities and cultures. We reaffirm the plurality of our cultural identities and traditions that must live harmoniously without undergoing some others. We stand up against the criminalization of our struggle, because they are criminalizing our customs.

We condemn any military aggression and we mobilize for an immediate end to all wars and destabilizing actions or coups, which undermine democracy and the choice of free peoples. We reject imperialism and the new forms of colonialism, whether military, financial or media. We stand up against impunity for the powerful and for the freedom of social activists.

7. Fighting discrimination

We commit to fight all forms of discrimination between human beings, whether by ethnicity, skin color, gender, national origin, age, religion or sexual orientation. All of us, women and men should have the same rights. We condemn any form of violence against women, including femicide, and we shout: no one less!

8. Promoting freedom of expression

We promote the development of alternative media, means popular and community communication, facing of the media monopolies that hide the truth. Access to information and freedom of expression are rights of peoples and fundamental pillar of any society that we can call democratic, free and sovereign. The protest is a legitimate form of popular expression. It is a right and those who exercise should not be persecuted for it.

9. Putting science and technology in the service of the people

We are committed to fight for science and knowledge are used to serve the welfare of the people. Science and knowledge are conquests of mankind and can not be at the service of profit, exploitation, manipulation and accumulation of wealth by some groups. Persuade universities are filled with people and their knowledge are aimed at solving the structural problems rather than generating wealth for large corporations. A reporting and control multinational pharmaceutical companies on the one hand, profit from expropriation of ancestral knowledge of indigenous peoples and on the other, speculate and generate income to the health of millions of people, putting business ahead of life.

10. We reject consumerism and defend solidarity as a life project

We defend solidarity as project of personal and collective life. We pledge to fight against individualism, greed, envy and greed that nest in our societies and often in ourselves. We will work tirelessly to eradicate the culture of consumerism and culture of discard.

We will continue working to build bridges between peoples, that allow us to break down the walls of exclusion and exploitation!

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