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Bangladesh, Human chain and meeting for Zero Evictions and Right to Housing

Organized by the International Alliance of Inhabitants-WAI Bangladesh the people of Bangladesh have observed the World Habitat Day 2011 successfully completed the following activities for the day.

In front of the Bangladesh National Parliament Bhabon, Manikmia

Avenue, Dhaka, Date: Monday, 03 October, 2011, Time: 09:45am to 10:30am

• We have started the with a huge “Human Chain of more than 500 people” in front of the Bangladesh National Parliament House, demanding “No Eviction”, “Housing for the Homeless Urban Poor”, “Shelter is my Right”, we demand “Zero Eviction” etc.

• A Memorandum has been submitted by Mr. Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee on behalf of the World Assembly of Inhabitants-WAI to the “Honorable Speaker” of the Bangladesh parliament, demanding “A National Housing Policy” bill to be raised, discussed and passed by the parliament as an urgent basis. On behalf of the Honorable Speaker, the Memorandum were received by Mr. Shampad Barua, PS (A Joint Secretary ) to the Honorable Speaker.

On behalf of the WAI Bangladesh committee Shelter for the poor, PDAP, PROSHIK, PRATAY, BAWSE, DSK, IPD, CUP, NBAS, NDBAS, Laxmibazar Dalit Samity, VIDA, Bangladesh Lawyers Forum and many others were actively present and participated.

WAI Secretariat:

House: 20/28 [Ground Floor], Block-B, Babar Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka- 1207, Bangladesh, Phone / Fax: +88-

02-9138862, Cell: 88-01715-259048 email: albeeroonee@gmail.com

Website: www.shelterforthepoor.org

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