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Squatted social centers are proliferating all across Europe. Ordinary people are occupying empty buildings in urban areas, turning them into free, open and public space.
Alongside music and art collectives, concerts, food co-operatives and community gardens one also finds construction workshops, child care, language classes, political talks and even legal advice on social and economic rights.
These community activities are indicative of burgeoning social and political autonomist movements, emerging from within the walls of these occupied buildings.

Watch this, urban publicization of, space.

Thanks to Bahwee for music.
  • Auteur (s) de l'oeuvre: Christopher Patz
  • Publié: mardi 16 avril 2013
  • Thématiques principales abordées: Droit au logement
  • Le (ou les) pays de provenance: Spain
  • Mots-clés, tags: Ocupación, Madrid, El Patio, El Patio Maravillas, indignados, self-managed, social centres, squatting, occupy
  • Méthodologie d’action sociale employée par les protagonistes: -