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Bulacan, Philippines, Support the victims of the violent NurtiAsia Dispersal

Dear friends, colleagues and comrades in the international community, Once we again write to you in times of need. Workers of the NutriAsia factory in Bulacan have been on strike for around two months, while Kadamay as an organization of poor Filipinos has lent its suppory throughout this period.

The workers face dire conditions, severely low wages, job insecurity while their benefits are withheld. Despite this, both the police and the NutriAsia management continue to brutalize the workers picket line and spread lies by blaming workers and their supporters for supposedly initiating the violence.

Last July 30, the violence escalated as police once again initiated a dispersal while an ecumenical mass was going on for the workers. Kadamay members and volunteers were present. Around 49 people were hurt, 19 arrested (including two Kadamay members) and 3 sent to the hospital, one which is Letecia Retiza, a 56 year old grandmother and Kadamay member from Bulacan.

A block of cement was thrown at her face, fracturing her skull on the right side of her face.


The following is the latest update on her situation:

Update on situation of Letecia Retiza/Nanay Leti as of August 4, living proof of the violence that occurred during the NutriAsia dispersal

-Discharged this afternoon from hospital due to insufficient bed capacity. She has been to two hospitals this week, both have affirmed her fractured skull on the right side of her face, pneumonia and severe swelling from the head to the throat.

-Today she reached out to her doctor to find out how she will proceed with surgery. Swamped with patients, the doctor asked her to come back tomorrow. She was left waiting outside the hospital. Isang linggo ng pabalik-balik.

-She moved to a different hospital, the third one this week amidst fears that the infection might worsen.

-Kadamay urges supporters of the urban poor and NutriAsia workers to continue donations as she is likely to undergo surgery.

-She still has a hard time eating solid foods, according to her, even swallowing her own saliva is painful.

-Prior to the occupation in Pandi, she was living in a house with three other families. Her daughter's family (now in Pandi) could not cope with the rent given her husband only earned P200 a day from being a worker at the rice mill in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

-Nanay Lete affirms that she was shouting "walang sakitan! (don’t hurt anybody)" when the commotion started and when the heavy rock hit her face, she lost consciousness.

-At present, no mainstream media outlet has covered the situation. Many institutions are sponsored by NutriAsia, however, international media outfit, TeleSur has brought the incident to light.



-Kadamay is also consulting with lawyers to file charges against the perpetrators.

We know that many of you have given your utmost support to Kadamay in the past and we are eternally grateful. However it is with a heavy heart that we again ask for what solidarity you may lend for Nanay Leti.

>>>We urge all of you to speak out against this injustice. In coordination with the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights, we are also open to donations for the anticipated surgical operation of Nanay Leti. 

Many thanks, mabuhay kayo!

For the urban poor and oppressed people of the world

Kadamay National Office


Donations for Nanay Leti and othert hospitalized supporters and workers of NutriAsia can be sent to 
BDO Peso Acct #002010066193
Center for Trade Union and Human Rights Inc.

Branch: BDO Quezon Aveneu - Heroes Hills

Swift code BNORPHMM


Occupy Bulacan , Kadamay


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