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Gendering disaster risk reduction - key resources

The Gender and Disaster Network urges all actors responding to the Haitian earthquake to adopt a gender-responsive approach that builds on women’s capacities and resources while reflecting the gender-specific needs of women and men, boys and girls. We offer these resources for planning and advocacy and a better understanding of the need for gender-aware approaches to disaster risk management.

For additional resources, please visit the Gender and Disaster Sourcebook >> Policy and Planning Tools: http://www.gdnonline.org/sourcebook/chapt/ind.php?id=2 .

First, visit MADRE [http://www.madre.org/index.php?s=4&news=2 ] and GROOTS/Disaster Watch: http://www.disasterwatch.net/index.html to learn how they are working wih grassroots women in Haiti and the region.

January 15, 2010. Kristinne Sanz and Elaine Enarson for the GDN. To add your publication to the G&D Sourcebook, email us at: gdn@gdnonline.org or enarsone@gmail.com