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Duped investors & Ilyushina street 15/2 Tenants hold a meeting in Saint Petersburg

More than 100 people held a meeting on Troitskaya square in Saint Petersburg, Russia on December 18 2014. Minor investors from different residential estates and residential construction projects demanded that the local authorities heed their problems. This action has been held for the first time jointly by small investors, who lost their money and housing, and tenants of Ilyushina street 15/2 who have also lost their housing.

The people invested their money into various construction companies to have new housing but now they don’t have anywhere to live. This situation is similar for all those who purchased apartments in the Ohkta Modern City estate, in Alexandra Danini street estate in the town of Pushkin and in other projects.

The Ilyushina house tenants have also been involved in the protest action. In January of 1992, these people were granted apartments in house 15, building 2 in Ilyushina street by the state. However, a few years later the title for this property was officially registered by another, private company called ‘’the Fourth Trust’’. And the new owner rushed to evict the tenants through the court.

The problem of the so called ‘’duped investors’’ became the focus of concern for many in Russia, and people have tried to focus attention to this problem in various radical ways. The Ilyushina house tenants and duped investors of the Ohkta Modern estate project have held several hunger strikes. But this didn’t help much.

This time, the protest meeting was attended by officials of the Committee for Construction of the City Government.

They assured that the situation with the estates in Pushkino and Ohkta Modern projects has been dealt with by the authorities in duly manner. 

The participants of the protest action agreed to send a message to the Governor of Saint Petersburg and collected signatures.

This has been one of the many protest actions of similar type held by local tenants and small investors. The difference is that this time the meeting has seen investors of several residential estates whose money has disappeared.

And so has their housing.

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