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Louisville, USA. Protect the residents’ rights

Intitulé de l'initiative:
Louisville, USA. Protect the residents’ rights
Position sur la carte:
United States
Nicola Sossass
Date de l'initiative:
Women in Transition
During Zero Evictions month WIT will be organizing residents of Louisville’s Sheppard's Square Housing Projects to protect the residents’ rights as the city of Louisville moves forward with its housing plan.
Women in Transition (WIT) is a group that has focused for many years on the removal of children from their parents when the cause of the removal—or impediments to return of the children—is linked to violations of economic human rights. Nationwide, it is estimated that a third to half the children in foster care could go home immediately if their parents had safe, affordable housing. Thus, the right to housing has become an urgent issue for WIT members. Recently WIT won a victory: as part of a coalition of groups WIT members lobbied successfully for legislation granting 1 million dollars for an Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Campagne Zéro Expulsion
Nicola Sossass