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People Before Profit (Multilingual Version)

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Most development projects, at face value, seem aimed at improving the lives of people. The reality for communities living at or near a project -- be it a dam, a sports complex, or a shopping mall -- is often quite different.

Forced evictions regularly do not uphold obligations to fairly consult, compensate, resettle and rehabilitate communities. An estimated 15 million people are affected each year.

WITNESS, with partners around the world, are bringing the stories of communities facing human rights abuses and forced evictions to the government officials, the courts and corporations who can make change. For more information about this campaign visit www.witness.org
  • Auteur (s) de l'oeuvre: WITNESS
  • Publié: mercredi 03 octobre 2012
  • Thématiques principales abordées: Expulsions
  • Le (ou les) pays de provenance: United States
  • Mots-clés, tags: Forced Evictions, Human Rights, WITNESS
  • Méthodologie d’action sociale employée par les protagonistes: -